Our mission is to help create local abundance through collaboration.


Studies show local economies benefit from local support. Building tools to help local and small businesses thrive requires a focus on efficiency to achieve a sustainable balance. In short, any solution must be at least a little better than the prevailing option. But how can local economies compete on cost, quality or experience when economies of scale provide efficiencies that benefit the biggest players?

The answer is cooperation. By combining a series of incentives with stimulus, a System can create a spiraling wealth effect. Start with a monetary infusion and then trade it over and over: if you avoid leakage and deploy digital means of exchange, it becomes possible to magnify wealth through efficiency and replication - a dollar that stays local is a dollar that can be spent locally again.

But a local currency, loyalty and high velocity of exchange are not enough. We need new ways for everyone to invest, work together and fund - especially for the commons. The commons involve the things we all need and would benefit from, but which normal business and capitalism miss or don’t handle well. We need new ways to support the commons, which can improve quality of life.

Luckily, technology is giving everyone the tools to work together in new ways to do this.

AIIA works by deploying Systems that enable Coalitions. Any resident of a System can propose a Coalition, find talent and request stimulus to develop and run it, with dividends paid to those who support it.

Merchants and other business can also participate, providing a small discount for users of the system loyalty currency . Buyers and the System governance share the benefits of these discounts. Together everyone benefits. The more times a transaction occurs, the more abundance is created inside the system.